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Holiday Menu Items

*10-12 lb. Smoked Turkey Breast                                                         $41.00

*12-14 lb. Smoked Turkey                                                                      $45.00    

**Cornbread Dressing (1/2 pan)    8-10 servings                                        $24.00                **Chicken and Dressing (1/2 pan)  8-10 servings                                     $32.00                

Gravy (pint)                                                                                               $6.50

***Sweet Potato Casserole   frozen with cooking instructions included or we can cook           $26.00

***Baked Potato Casserole   frozen with cooking instructions included or we can cook           $26.00

 Brooksie's serving pints, quarts, and gallons of traditional vegetable favorites such as green beans, corn, turnip greens, mashed potatoes, potato salad, and slaw.              

*Turkey Breasts/Smoked Turkeys will be fully cooked but may need to be warmed prior to serving.

**Cornbread Dressing/Chicken dressing requires preparation per provided instructions. 

***Casseroles are frozen- cooking instructions included.

Brooksie's will cook dressings and casseroles upon request.

November 2016

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Holiday Catering 

                      Let us deliver to YOU for groups of 20 or more!

Option No.  1:  Chicken and Dressing with gravy, 2 sides, roll or cornbread, and cranberry sauce.   $9.00 per person

Option No. 2:  Chicken and Dressing with gravy, 3 sides, roll or cornbread, and cranberry sauce.    $10.00 per person

Add ons:

Ham                                                                                           $2.00 per person

Chicken tenders                                                                       $1.50 per person

Iced Tea                                                                                     $1.50 per person

Dessert                                                                                       $1.50 per person

*Includes napkins, plasticware, plates, and serving utensils
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